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Unchecked corrosion can result in metallic component damage, plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of product, reduction in operating efficiency, costly maintenance, and expensive overdesign. Corrosion can also jeopardize safety and inhibit technological progress.,pornhub.orh

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bf video 9’s Materials Technology staff are exceptionally suited to investigate and understand corrosion issues in infrastructure, oil & gas, power generation, marine, and other industries.  Combining the  knowledge, experience, and expertise of our Materials Technology staff with that of our mechanical, civil, and structural engineers results in a comprehensive, integrated approach to complex corrosion and corrosion mitigation issues.,,bf video 9’s Materials Technology specializes in the following corrosion and corrosion mitigation consulting services:

  • Inspection and condition assessments
  • Corrosion failure analysis
  • Corrosion prediction / modeling / service life assessments
  • Metallurgical investigation and analysis
  • Selection of materials for corrosive environments
  • Stray current / arc strike investigations
  • Corrosion research projects
  • Evaluation, selection and specification of protective coating systems
  • Failure analysis of protective coatings
  • Expert witness consulting in litigation

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