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sexy anime,Many major American cities are experiencing a construction renaissance. New high-rise buildings are being constructed adjacent to historic homes. Existing buildings are undergoing major renovations that may include excavation and structural modifications. Numerous concerns arise when considering how to be good neighbors during the construction process.

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silk porn,tubex clips has engineering expertise and testing capabilities necessary to assess and protect neighboring structures:

  • Pre- and post-construction structural condition assessments for legacy and contemporary buildings
  • Monitoring construction-induced vibrations and structural response during adjacent site activities
  • Design of preconstruction repairs and strengthening of existing buildings
  • Excavation and underpinning plan review
  • Evaluation and design of weatherproofing connectivity between existing and new buildings
  • Maintenance of required egress and critical building functions during construction

sexgirl boy,While we prefer to provide proactive consulting before construction begins, we are also experienced in evaluating damage claims after construction.