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Mr. Kolf has extensive industry experience and is active in a wide range of projects involving structural evaluation, strengthening, rehabilitation, troubleshooting of construction-related problems, and durability enhancement. Typical projects have involved evaluation of the extent and causation of structural distress or deterioration, as well as development and implementation of repairs. These projects have incorporated industrial, commercial, and residential structures; parking garages; water treatment structures; cokers; bridges; piers; tunnels; stadiums; plaza decks; and building facades.,sex com pics

Mr. Kolf’s structural analysis and design projects include the repair of a distressed 100-meter high industrial tower through a unique application of post-tensioning, analysis of a failed transfer slab that forced the evacuation of a 15-story condominium building, and repair of post-tensioned concrete parking structures. He has investigated structural failures including bridge collapses and the collapse of a 425-ft high communications antenna.,movies xxx

asinsex,Peter’s extensive and diverse experience provides value to clients by facilitating creative solutions to each unique project.

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www fatporn,M.S. in Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, 1985

xxx vidou hd,B.S. in Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 1983


  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • International Concrete Repair Institute
    • Committee 210: Evaluation
    • Committee 320: Concrete Repair Materials & Methods
    • Technical Activities

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  • squirt xxx Dr. W. Gene Corley Legacy Award – MDSCC Antenna Pedestal Project, 2018
  • NASA Group Achievement Honor Award – DSS-54 Azimuth Track and Pedestal Concrete Repair, 2014
  • International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Award of Excellence: Longevity Category – Repairs to Paulina Street Parking Garage, 2014
  • NASA Group Achievement Honor Award – Concrete Evaluation and Repair of the DSS-35 Beam Waveguide Antenna Pedestal, 2013
  • ICRI Project of the Year – Strengthening of a Reinforced Concrete Preheater Tower, 2004
  • Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) Best in Class, Strengthening/Rehabilitation Category – Strengthening of the Holcim Portland Plant Preheater Tower, 2004
  • ICRI Award of Excellence – Structural Repairs to the Catholic Church of St. Joseph, 2003
  • Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) Award of Merit – Structural Repairs to the Catholic Church of St. Joseph, Menomonie, WI, 2003
  • ICRI Award of Excellence – Repairs to Paulina Street Parking Structure, 1993

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www fatporn,Saluda, B. P., E. C. Dodge, P.R. Kolf, and C.A. Olson. 2018. “Reinforced Concrete Antenna Pedestal: Evaluation of concrete consolidation using nondestructive testing and statistical analysis.” Concrete International, April, pg. 40-45.

Kolf, P. R. and T. J. Willems. 2011. “How to Fix Concrete.” L&M Concrete News. Vol. 10, No. 1. 7-9. Summer.,sex mvie

animated xxx,Kolf, P. R. and D. L. Byrd. 2008. “Assess Your Cooling Tower’s Condition.” Power Magazine, Volume 152, Number 8. August.