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milo moire,CUPPA Hall, a 6-story, heavy timber framed structure with masonry bearing walls, is located on the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus. UIC retained dow as the engineer of record for the investigation and stabilization design of the foundation settlements that had occurred as result of some adjacent construction.

jade porn, dow conducted document reviews and an assessment of the conditions at the building. Existing conditions included cracked and out of square masonry at window openings, cracked foundation/ basement walls and basement slabs, distressed timber connections, and distressed interior finishes. dow worked with UIC and the project team to develop the foundation stabilization plan and repair details.

son mom porn,Our firm prepared construction documents, specifications for the repairs, and reviewed the construction costs and schedule with the project team on an ongoing basis. We provided ongoing observation of the repair construction and assisted in the preparation and review of RFPs and COs to the project. dow also assisted in the review of the monthly pay applications and percentage of work completed.