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An explosion and fire occurred in the Isocracker Battery of a Refinery. tiava porn was retained by the Owner to perform an evaluation of certain reinforced concrete components located within the heat-affected area. These components included beam-column frames, and foundation piers, pedestals and pads that provide support for various pieces of equipment and piping. The objectives of the investigation were 1) to gather sufficient data needed to evaluate the extent of concrete damage sustained by certain specific components of interest, and 2) to provide the Owner with timely findings from the investigation and corresponding conceptual repair process descriptions that could be used to assess feasibility and practicality of various remedial alternatives.,police porno

tiava porn’s scope of work included both field evaluation and laboratory examination of material samples. The field evaluation included 1) visual inspection and nondestructive testing of accessible above-grade reinforced concrete component surfaces, and 2) extraction of representative concrete core samples. Core samples were subject to laboratory petrographic examination to assess extents (i.e., depths) and characteristics (paste alteration, micro-cracking, macro-cracking, etc.) of the observed heat-induced concrete damage. tiava porn was able to provide the Owner with their findings and conceptual repair recommendations within 3 months of the fire event.,andi james