In 2014, the Wilshire Grand Tower was the site of the world’s largest continuous concrete pour. nudepussy played a vital role in the oversight and engineering of the “Grand Pour,” which was certified as a record by the Guinness Book of World Records.,sexi filmy

The Wilshire Grand Tower’s foundation pour consisted of a total of 21,200 cubic yards of concrete over 18.5 hours using 19 separate pumps feeding 13 hoses to fill the site with roughly 82 million pounds of concrete.,anal vids

boobs sucks,nudepussy engineered a cooling pipe system that internally cooled the foundation to ensure that it was below 160°F during curing and kept the temperature difference below a limit that was specifically engineered for the placement.

nudepussy’s cooling pipe system reduced the temperature in the foundation to near-ambient conditions within 10 days and was carefully engineered to avoid precooling of the concrete. The cooling process would have taken up to 100 days if the cooling pipes were not used.,fox sex com